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Tips for Choosing the Ideal Candle Scent

Candles are useful in creating ambiance, making a home feel warm, and it is even better when you choose the right candle scent. Research suggests that your smell can influence your type of personality since the same area of the brain that you used to smell is where your personality exists. Selecting the right candle scent will give you a delightful time, and below are tips to help you choose the best one.

Smelling the candle before you buy it is one way to choose the right candle scent. Ensure that you read the scent description if you are shopping online, and you cannot smell the candle. Ensure that you read the description many times to make sure that there are not any notes of fragrances that you don’t like. Other details concerning the candle are also essential to look up before you decide to buy it. You should look up reviews, establish how long it lasts, and find out if any of your friends have tried the specific brand you’re interested in buying. It can help when you take a free scent quiz online if you have trouble figuring out the right scent since it will help you determine which scent matches your personality.

Another point of decision concerns where you will be put in your candle. The place where you plan to put the candle can give you an idea of the right scent to choose. For your kitchen, you can choose candles with subtle, sweet smells. You can choose scents that mimic the types of food for your kitchen, and avoid floral scents here.

The size of the room in which you want to put a candle can also be a determining factor when choosing the right candle scent. When you want to put the candle in a large room, a bold scent will be the ideal. Get a candle with a mix of soft and bold scent for a medium-sized room. For a small room such as a bathroom, a small candle with a subtle scent will be perfect.

Be ready to experiment with smells if you want to settle on the perfect scent for your home finally. Ensure that you only try one at a time so that you are aware of the effect it produces in your home. You may be unable to distinguish the scent that is your favorite if you switch candles every day, and using one candle for a full week can be the best thing to help you determine how much you like it.